New Quiz question 2/27. Expires 2/28 at 11PM. Bet now if you know the answer and win cold hard cash!

Question: How many rectangles do you see in the squared object in the middle of the picture at the bottom of this post? Assume all eight lines in the object are straight lines and assume all the angles formed in the object are right angles and ignore everything in the picture outside of squared object. (This is not a trick question. You just have to count up all the rectangles you see).

Buy Now Button

If you think you know the right answer, click the “Buy Now” button to place a $5 bet through Paypal.  Once you are logged in to Paypal and you are reviewing your information right before you purchase the bet, there will be an option in Paypal that reads “Answer the question here” with an Add button right next to it.   Click the Add button  and then type your answer to the quiz question in the message field that populates.  Then go ahead and complete the Paypal purchase.  Also, type your answer in the Contact Form below here and send it to me so I have a back up copy of your answer.  At the end of the day, everyone who gets the questions right splits the total money in the pot (I will send the winners their money to their Paypal account they used to purchase the bet). Make sure the name you list in the Contact Form matches the name on your PayPal account so I can easily send money to the right person if you are a winner.



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